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Etsy + Duo Security: An SSH & API Use Case Study

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As a global online marketplace, specializing in handmade and vintage goods, Etsy is determined to redefine commerce by establishing a platform for users to sell, buy and rate artists’ work.

With trust and integrity as a key part of their community, Etsy can only keep their users safe if they keep their organization safe first. According to Etsy’s Network Security Manager, Ben Hughes, single-factor authentication has shown itself to be a weak link in the chain as attackers become increasingly more advanced in their methods.

“Duo Security was the first company in this space to really grasp that ease of use and user experience are vital for people to actually use security solutions,” said Ben.

Part of making that user experience painless includes using smartphones for authentication. While other two-factor solutions may force you to buy an expensive token that’s unreliable and clunky, Duo Security’s solution enables you to use something you already have and carry around - your smartphone. Another reason they chose Duo Security was for Duo Mobile, our free mobile app that enables users to authenticate via push notification.