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Duo Security is now a part of Cisco

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Stronger Access Security

Take two-factor authentication to the next level to verify the identity of your users with contextual user access policies.

User and Admin Insight

To help you secure your mission, we’ve made it easy to see who is accessing what at your organization with extensive reporting, data and logs, available by logging into Duo’s Admin Panel.

The first step to securing everything is getting insight into your users and administrators. Our security logs show you where and how users and administrators authenticate, letting you track any major changes and activity.

Contextual Two-Factor Authentication

With this data, you can create custom access policies based on different parameters to fit your security needs. For example, you can block any authentication attempts from countries you don’t do business in, or you can block any requests originating from anonymous networks, like Tor.

Plus, you can create authentication method policies that customize which methods your users can use. For stronger access security, you can require only the use of Duo Push or U2F. To enforce the use of two factor, you can also create enrollment controls that block unenrolled users.

Easy User Management

We make it fast and easy to manage your users with one single interface, so you can spend less time supporting your security solution and more time on growing your business. Choose from any number of our user provisioning methods to enroll users.

Through Duo’s Admin Panel, admins can easily manage user accounts and devices, generating bypass codes and activating or disabling users. They can also allow users to manage their own devices by enabling the Self-Service Portal.

It’s also easy to customize security policies per user group, and quickly disable a group of high-privilege users for your company’s safety in the event of an emergency.

Trusted Access

Duo's trusted access solution ensures only trusted users and trusted devices can access protected applications.

This comprehensive zero-trust security solution prevents modern attackers that often target multiple areas - including credential theft and the exploitation of known software vulnerabilities affecting outdated software versions.

  • “With Duo, we are able to control who has access to what assets and resources that are highly sensitive.”

    — Timothy Reider, IT Manager, Brandman University
  • “Duo has provided us with security for our remote users when connecting to our infrastructure as well our internal employees when using security applications. It offers great reporting and granular security controls.”

    — Ilya Solovey, IT Administrator, Managed Health Care Associates

90% of Android Devices Are Out of Date

The 2018 Duo Trusted Access Report: The State of Enterprise Remote Access analyzes user behavior and the security of over 10.7 million devices and nearly half a billion authentications per month.

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