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Establish Trust In Your Users' Identities

When a user tries to access an application, the first step of Duo's trusted access platform is to confirm that user’s identity with two-factor authentication (2FA) and contextual user access policies. This ensures they are who they say they are and whether they’re permitted to access their desired application.

Using Duo Push for two-factor authentication during a meeting

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Duo verifies the identity of your users and protects against breaches due to phishing and other password attacks with an easy-to-use two-factor authentication (2FA) solution that adds another layer of security to their logins.

The most secure solution is one your users will actually use.

Our solution meets many industry compliance standards for strong access controls.

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User Access Policies

We collect detailed data on every authentication request to your applications so you can make informed, data-driven security policy decisions.

Duo’s User Access Policies allow you to limit access per certain user groups to strengthen your security profile. For example, block login attempts from countries you don't do business in, or block users on anonymous networks.

Learn More About User Access Policies

  • “Duo has improved the overall security posture of our clients. The ease of setup and management has taken unnecessary stress off of our client’s help desk and IT staff. We have deployed Duo at over 5 locations in the past two months.”

    — Michael Trantas, IT Architect, Helient Systems
  • “We’ve really been able to tighten security thanks to Duo’s ease of use. Our remote desktop system was constantly being attacked and Duo has slowed this to a minimum concern.”

    — Joe Huff, System Administrator, Advanced Turf Solutions, Inc.

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