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Evaluate the Trustworthiness of User’s Devices

Once a user is identified as trusted, the device must pass the next check. Duo Beyond ensures the security health of your devices before they can reach your applications by ensuring they are up to date, or checking whether they are managed or unmanaged, without agents. Combining trusted users and trusted devices means total control over who and what has access.

Multiple phones, laptops, and other devices arranged on a table

Device Insight

Security starts with transparency. Duo gives you complete visibility into both managed and unmanaged devices that authenticate into your applications.

We also report on the status of important security features of mobile devices, such as full disk encryption and rooted/jailbroken status.

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Device Access Policies

Prevent a breach by staying a few steps ahead of attackers - enforce strong access policies based on the type of devices logging into your applications.

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  • “As a result of the extensive search for a comprehensive solution, Duo has emerged as a product that offers comprehensive solution, seamless integration and excellent customer support.”

    — Natalia Kory, Chief Technology Officer, Clarient
  • “Duo has dramatically increased our security posture and gave us good visibility into remote usage.”

    — Nathan Hwang, IT Manager, Strategic Investment Group

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