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Protect Custom Applications

From Python to .Net and everything in between, protect applications with just a few lines of code using Duo APIs.

Strong Authentication for Web Apps

With just a few lines of code, you can easily protect existing login pages with our extensive Duo Web libraries in everything from Java to Go. Duo delivers an iframe that allows users to enroll, authenticate and manage their own phones.

For two-factor authentication, admins can easily enroll users devices, activate Duo Mobile, enable multiple authentication methods, or use Trusted Devices & Networks to allow for faster login from the same browser.

Management of two-factor authentication is easy too - admins can let their users manage their own devices with the Self-Service Portal, or use the Duo Admin API to get logs, make changes and more.

Admin, Auth and REST APIs

Duo offers web services accessible via REST APIs, allowing you to customize the two-factor authentication user interface for your mobile, web or desktop app. View the Duo REST API client libraries and sample source code for Python, Ruby, Node, Java, C, C# and Perl on GitHub.

Use the Auth API to enroll Duo Mobile devices, list devices associated with a user and authenticate any device. With Duo’s Admin API, you can enroll any device, list the devices associated with a user, add/remove/modify devices, and get logs, bypass codes and more.

Trusted Access

Duo ensures Trusted Users and Trusted Devices to protect Every Application.

This complete security solution, Trusted Access, prevents modern attackers that often target multiple areas - including credential theft and the exploitation of known software vulnerabilities affecting outdated software versions.

Trusted Access is a holistic security solution that works with your technology, people and their devices.