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Security Logs

Track Activity & Security Issues

Mitigate Issues with Detailed Data

Easily track user activity and get real-time fraud alerts with our detailed user, administrator and telephony logs.

Accessible through our admin panel, you can search and export the logs manually via CSV file, or in real-time to your log management or SIEM systems via our REST API. Learn more about Duo's APIs.

Authentication Logs

Authentication logs show you where and how users authenticate, with usernames, location, time, type of auth factor and more. Normalize user patterns so you can identify abnormal activity.

Administrator Logs

Administrator log events let you track the username, time and type of administrator activity, including groups, user, integration and device management. Identify any major admin changes and suspicious activity.

Telephony Logs

Telephony logs give you insight into the type of telephony event (SMS or phone), phone numbers, and the number of telephony credits used, ensuring you don’t run out of credits.