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Beyond MFA
Beyond the Perimeter
Beyond Expectations

Duo Beyond delivers a zero-trust security platform that enables organizations to base application access decisions on the trust established in user identities and the trustworthiness of their devices, instead of the networks from where access is originated. Duo delivers this capability from the cloud and without reliance on outdated, cumbersome and costly technologies.

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Establish Trust In User Identity

Who is this? When your users try to access an application, the first step towards a zero-trust access platform is to confirm that user’s identity with two-factor authentication (2FA) and contextual user access policies. Duo ensures they are who they say they are and whether they’re permitted to access their desired application.

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Evaluate Trustworthiness of User Devices

Once a user is identified as trusted, the device must pass the next check. Duo Beyond ensures the security health and managed or unmanaged status of your devices before they can reach your applications. Combining trusted users and trusted devices means total control over who and what has access.

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Enable Secure Connection to All Applications

Trusted access boils down to one main goal: protecting every application your business relies on, whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises, with simple access via a secure SSO process. Duo Beyond's trusted access platform lets you create policies and rules for application access to reduce risk and exposure to vulnerabilities. And you don’t need a VPN.

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  • “Duo has solved the issue of enforcing security on devices and services that have no user enforceable password policies with an easy to use, user-friendly service that integrates into nearly all devices.”

    — Brad Boegler, System Administrator, Nexcess
  • “Duo Security has greatly simplified the management of multi-factor access allowing us to focus on more strategic initiatives.”

    — Kevin Shanahan, Engineer, Sirius Computer Solutions
  • “Duo gives us confidence that access to our cloud-based systems is controlled, locked-down, and verifiable.”

    — David Root, Senior Executive, Root Logistics

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