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Duo Partners With DrFirst to Help Meet EPCS Requirements


  • Healthcare organizations who want to e-prescribe controlled medications are required to meet EPCS compliance requirements.
  • DrFirst customers can easily meet EPCS requirements for MFA using Duo’s native integration available through DrFirst EPCS Gold
  • Duo’s integration with DrFirst is available on Duo MFA, Duo Access and Duo Beyond editions

EPCS Drivers for Healthcare Organizations

In the past few years, the opioid crisis has worsened. One of the key drivers of the opioid crisis has been fraudulent prescriptions. Healthcare providers, small and large, are investing in technologies, processes and practices to minimize fraudulent prescriptions.

State governments in New York, Maine, Minnesota and Connecticut have stepped up their efforts, and now enforce Electronic Prescriptions of Controlled Substances (EPCS) requirements. Several other states such as Virginia and North Carolina are planning to enforce EPCS requirements by 2020.

One of the key EPCS requirements is to ensure doctors are who they say they are before sending e-prescriptions to pharmacies. Duo offers identity proofing and two-factor authentication (2FA) to help meet EPCS requirements. We launched identity proofing last year, and the functionality is discussed in this blog.

Simplifying EPCS Requirements

EPCS requirements are complex, and IT is often concerned about adding security requirements for doctors. Additional steps take time and reduce productivity. Duo solves this problem by offering an easy-to-use push authentication for e-prescriptions.

To approve prescriptions, doctors simply tap a button on their mobile devices to approve e-prescriptions. With Duo, doctors can experience an easier and simpler workflow.

To make deployments easier, we are excited to announce that Duo is available as a native integration with DrFirst. DrFirst customers can now use Duo as their authentication provider for controlled prescriptions. DrFirst has 67,000+ providers, 1000+ hospitals, 21,000 ambulatory facilities. DrFirst offers an e-prescription module for 304+ EHR vendors.

Deploy Duo Within Minutes

Duo is available as a native integration with DrFirst EPCS Gold, an e-prescribing solution. IT admins can set up Duo with DrFirst in a few minutes and enroll users.

To e-prescribe, physicians start their workflow as usual. They add required prescription medications, specify the dosage and frequency. At the prescription signing screen, doctors are prompted to confirm e-prescription with a Duo Push notification. The process to confirm a prescription takes just a few seconds.

DrFirst Gold EPCS

Today, Duo is used by over 500+ healthcare organizations and 250k doctors worldwide. If you are interested in testing or demoing this integration, please get in touch with your account representative or sign up for a free trial at

Umang Barman

Umang Barman

Product Marketing Manager

Umang is a Product Marketing Manager at Duo Security, where he focuses on helping customers learn about Duo. Before Duo, he worked at Cisco Systems as a Product manager on routing and firewall products. Previously, Umang graduated from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management with Masters in Business Administration.