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Big news: Cisco announces intent to acquire Duo! See the press release here, and a letter from our founder here.

Secure Access Starts With (Zero) Trust

Reliable, secure application access begins with trust, or a lack thereof. Give anytime, anywhere access to all applications based on the trustworthiness of users and devices with Duo Beyond, our zero-trust security platform.

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The New Norm:
Cloud, Mobility & BYOD

Your users are mobile. And they want to pick which devices they use. Embrace mobility and BYOD while making your users happy with frictionless, secure access. Duo Beyond grants access to cloud and on-premises apps without the headaches of clunky VPNs or MDM.

Secure BYOD

Complete Confidence.

Quickly and securely adopt a zero-trust model with Duo Beyond. Allow secure connections to all applications based on the trustworthiness of users and devices. Set and enforce risk-based, adaptive access policies. And get enhanced visibility into users' devices and activities.

Go Beyond
We were previously trying to do this through a combination of five other products. The fact that one product can provide this level of granular access control is really awesome.
Steve Myers
Head of Security at KAYAK

Our Mission is to Protect Your Mission.

You have your own mission to fulfill - and managing security shouldn’t stand in your way. Put your passion into your business, and trust the experts at Duo to secure it.

We Now Live in the Era of Access.

Now more than ever, employees are working from different locations, using personal devices to remotely log into your applications. As a result, we don’t know who’s accessing what, and how. It’s time to rethink security.

Duo Builds Security for People.

In this new world, people-centric security is the only effective security. That’s why we designed our security solution to work with your technology, people and their devices.

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Trusted by top brands

We're proud to protect the missions of some of the top companies and institutions around the world.

Phishing has evolved – don't get hooked.

Phishers are using new tactics to fool their victims. The most popular phishing kit was used by almost 3,000 attackers to snare 1.4 million credentials. In Phishing: A Modern Guide to an Age-Old Problem, we examine how phishing works, modern attack methods, statistics and trends, what to look out for and how to protect your organization.

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